‘Big Girl Pants’

Party irl

So welcome to my blog…

I wasn’t really sure what to write about but maybe that’s a great place to begin.

It’s like the feeling I have when I open up a new sketch book – so completely enveloped by excitement but also utter chaos at the thought of knowing what to draw…until I start, and then the fear resides and my inner critic does one!

Fear. Oh how you shadow me. Starting this blog I feel worried, afraid to show the world my passion for fear of rejection and ridicule and the feeling of ‘what if my inner critter is right’…

‘What if I am not enough’!

Well I could spend my whole life in the shadow of the critter (in my head my inner critic is like a gremlin crossed with a creature from the 80’s animation Trap Door), safe from fears projections, but hey, you gotta give it a go right?!

So ‘hi’, my names Aimee (aka ‘Egg’) I’m new to this world of illustration and sharing my work online…but I will do so with my big girl pants on and be brave in the process!

…or i’ll just stand in the corner of the collective, creative boardroom with a box on my head.

chow for now Egglers!


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