Hi my name is Aimee, you may be wondering why the weird name ‘eggloo’ since my childhood I have been known by my besties as ‘Egg’ and as I sink into my fantasy world of whimsical colours and creatures in my home studio I feel submerged in my own wonderful sanctuary of escapism…my Eggloo.

I am a self taught scribbler. All my images are hand-drawn here at Eggloo HQ (the humble box, and very much loved space I call my office) and supported by digital formatting to produce professional artistic designs.

I use my yoga practice (both as a teacher and a student) to help channel my creativity and inspire images and characters to pour out onto the pages of my sketchbook. I am hugely influenced by the¬†environment and am fascinated by people and my love of life and nature is the catalyst for many of my illustrations….

I also find hanging out with Naija and Nugget (my dog and cat) immensely inspiring, I love how they curl up around my feet in the Eggloo (heart swooooooon)

So what’s my fave thing to create?
Ink is my thing. I love it! The way it moves, the effects and splurges I can conjure up – oh it’s wonderful stuff! However I also produce many images using watercolour and occasionally acrylics. I love to create ethereal images that often have a dream-like or fantasy feel to them. At the moment I am really enjoying working on a series of yoga-inspired greeting cards.

Check out my Etsy page for cards, prints and originals http://www.etsy.com/shop/Eggloo

So welcome to my world, and sincere thank you’s to you for visiting!

Aimee (aka Egg) Xx

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